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A quick overview

We are a personal chef company that specialises in cooking for time-poor, health-conscious professionals on a weekly basis. We focus on the  connections that happen when people share food with each other, and we assist in making the food nutritious, personalised and tasty.

We are a social enterprise and every meal we cook for a client, we feed a child or aged person in need in India. For more information, please look up Eat for Two.

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About Ronsley

Ronsley is the Chief Food Sharer at Bond Appetit, a company that unites people over food. He is the host of Australia’s #1 food podcast on iTunes and the author of the upcoming book “Bond Appetit – Uniting peak performers over food.” Ronsley has been cooking for over 19 years. He has worked in a large kitchen as part of a brigade of chefs, as well as started and run his own fresh food restaurant specialising in uniquely flavoured food. He knows how hard the food industry makes it to stock and produce fresh food when the processed food comes pre-packed, pre-cut, pre-crumbed and sometimes, even pre-cooked.

Ronsley has created Bond Appetit to specialise in cooking for time-poor, health-conscious, high-achieving entrepreneurs. He helps his clients fulfil their goals by getting them a personal chef to organise all their meals based on a taste diagnosis. This simple step makes it possible for them to eat the foods they really like centred around their nutritional goals. He focuses on giving entrepreneurs back their time, mental space and energy by cooking for them every week.

What people say about us

It was great to sit down with all these people today and enjoy Ronsley’s fabulous menu. Even the dessert, because I rarely eat dessert, but today I made an exception.

Graham Smith (Brisbane)

I’ve just had a great meal cooked by Ronsley and I would highly recommend it to anyone that is thinking of getting their meals cooked by him, because I ate it all.

Allen Edwin Carr (Brisbane)

I’ve just enjoyed a lovely meal cooked by Ronsley and Rochelle. It was very innovative and extremely delicious. And, I’d like to thank them very much for the evening.

Holly Ohlson (Ormeau)

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Worldwide Adults Overweight in 2012
Overweight children under the age of 5
People overweight in Australia
or less are doing something about it


  • One-on-one sessions with your chef

  • One-on-one session with a nutritionist

  • One-on-one session with a mindset coach

  • A personalised meal plan

  • One-on-one session with a personal trainer

  • One-on-one session with a time management coach

  • Weekly visit from your personal chef

  • Weekly meal sync to your calendar

  • All recipes and shopping lists

  • All recipes and shopping lists

  • All ingredients shopped and delivered every week

  • Wine pairing options for all dinners

  • New meal plans change seasonally

  • 30 day review with reviews from nutritionist & personal trainer

  • Free Taste Diagnosis Session

  • Access to our share sessions parties in Australia

  • Every meal we prepare in your home feeds a child or aged person

  • A 3 month exclusive adventure session

  • Personal chef catered dinner parties

  • Themed dinner parties

  • Access to free recipes and shopping lists

  • Lots of expert interviews on the podcast

  • Access to a real cool community

  • Meet like minded people

  • Effect change on the planet

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