236. Jason Feifer on the Changing Media Landscape, Having Relationships with the Right People and How to Tell Stories in Your Own Voice

Today on Bond Appetit we’ve got a very exciting guest. Jason Feifer is the editor-in-chief of Entrepreneur magazine, and host of two podcasts: ‘Pessimists Archive’, and ‘Problem Solvers’. He was previously an editor at Fast Company, Men’s Health, Maxim, and Boston, and has written for New York, ESPN, Slate, GQ, New York Times, and a long list of others.

Jason is the type of guy who thinks a mile a minute and we managed a lot of depth for a conversation that lasted less than an hour. This episode focuses on Jason’s experience in media, the critical importance of relationships (and how to approach people) and a deconstruction of Jason’s podcasting approach. There are pearls of wisdom sprinkled throughout this episode so be sure to listen to the whole thing.

We also touched on things like:

  • Jason’s definition of an entrepreneur
  • The importance of embracing uncertainty
  • The backstory of Mr. Nice Guy
  • The power of the pick three method
  • Why entrepreneurs should always be in permanent beta
  • How to maintain balance when it comes to risk-taking
  • Why you should gamble with segments of your time
  • Why relationships are so incredibly important
  • Jason’s approach to podcast storytelling
  • The benefits of visualizing a story as you’re researching
  • Jason’s truths about entrepreneurship



Podcast – Problem Solvers
Podcast – Pessimist Archive
Book – Mr. Nice Guy


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