226. Katherine Maslen’s Story of Being a Healthcare Industry Disruptor

As the founder of Brisbane Natural Health, Katherine Maslen has been at the forefront of shifting the paradigm of her industry as a naturopath. Normally, clients pay per consultation, but Brisbane Natural Health disrupted the landscape by creating a membership model that gives access to different levels of service and consultation. In this conversation, Katherine shares what it’s been like as the leader of a ‘first of its kind’ business model. Also in this episode of Bond Appetit, we chat about what makes entrepreneurs tick and having a vision for a new kind of business model.

We also get into all of this, too:

  • The tough times in Katherine’s career
  • Navigating failure as a natural part of being a business owner
  • Whether Katherine defines herself as a naturopath, entrepreneur or business owner
  • Being passionate about helping others solve their problems
  • Katherine favourite part about being a creator
  • How she came up with the world’s first membership model for a naturopathy clinic
  • Educating clients on the benefits of a radically different healthcare programme
  • Favourite success stories of breakthroughs with various patients
  • Marketing to the type of clients that are right for your business
  • Katherine’s definition of freedom in business


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