The American Poultry Industry Had Made It Possible to Grow a Fine-Looking Fryer in Record Time and Sell It at a Reasonable Price, but No One Mentioned That the Result Usually Tasted Like the Stuffing Inside of a Teddy Bear

“The American poultry industry had made it possible to grow a fine-looking fryer in record time and sell it at a reasonable price, but no one mentioned that the result usually tasted like the stuffing inside of a teddy bear.” ~ Julia Child, My Life in France photo credit: David Kracht via photopin cc

65. Candida Diet Plan and how to fix your health issues through food with Sandra Boehner

Rebroadcast: Candida Diet Plan and How to Fix Your Health Issues Through Food with Sandra Boehner

Sandra is a holistic health coach, blogger and cookbook author, who helps people overcome food sensitivities. She created to share how she overcame her own debilitating health issues with help of wholesome food, a positive mind set & natural remedies. In the past four years she has been helping over 2000 people transition to a healthier, sugar free lifestyle. …

61. The best way to view your holistic relationship with food with Lauren Haas

Rebroadcast: The Best Way to View Your Holistic Relationship with Food with Lauren Haas

Lauren Haas is the creator of Haas Holistic and is a Holistic Nutritionist based in Los Angeles but also has clients in Seattle, Kauai, New York, Philadelphia and Boston. She is an AADP Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner, C.N.C, C.N.H.P, Certified Nutrition Coach as well as a Lifestyle Coach. Lauren graduated from USC with a BA in Psychology and an …

88. Appreciate food and cultures through the Art of Adventure with Derek Loudermilk

88. Appreciate Food and Cultures Through the Art of Adventure with Derek Loudermilk

Derek Loudermilk has a Masters Degree in Microbiology, and is an accomplished scientist having discovered a new species of virus in the boiling acid hot springs of Yellowstone National Park. Derek is a man of many talents, he is a scientist, photographer, model, former Pro cyclist and NCAA runner, blogger, business coach, and host of the truly inspiring podcast “The Art …