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10 foods banned around the world

The more research I do, the more I find out about things that we shouldn’t be considering as edible. This is a very informative article that lists 10 foods that are legal in America but are considered extremely harmful and are banned in other parts of the world. Things to look at for us Australians are how much fat-free foods we buy thinking that we are eating healthy.

So the next time you’re buying salmon, boxed mac and cheese, a sports drink, or a fat-free potato chip packet; think twice, read the label and put it back on the shelf. You don’t buy, they don’t stock. has some fascinating information and articles what kinds of food are good and on how to use those foods. If you are interested in the shift that is happening from processed foods to fresh and healthy, then this is a good website to check out. It is very United States focused but there is a lot to learn here.

What other foods do you think should be banned in Australia?

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