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2014 New Year Resolutions: 7 ways to eat healthy and tasty food

What are your New Year’s resolutions for 2014?

When we look around us, we notice that people are getting bigger. And bigger doesn’t mean better. There are overweight adults and even worse overweight children everywhere. There are adults who need more than 4 coffees a day to stay at the office because they get tired so often through the day. I constantly drank coffee and I was constantly tired. So, I decided to see what was out there and then write a book about it (coming soon).

  1. Don’t buy processed, quick and easy meals: This is especially true if it has any healthy claims on the packet. If you think that buying a pre-made meal that has been frozen in a factory and packaged for your convenience is good for you, then I implore you to think again.While doing some research for my upcoming book, I was looking at the label for one of Australia’s famous home delivery food companies. They provide you pre-cooked meals that are frozen and packaged for you to reheat at home. They sell healthy food (according to them, its inferred to in the name), and convenience. Anyway, I was looking at the ingredients that was on the label and thought it all looked good and healthy. Until I noticed an ingredient called Modified Starch (1422). So I searched the term and found this. Based on what I found, I knew that I shouldn’t be putting this into my body especially if  “it may slow down the degradation of food in the intestine”.
  2. Don’t buy and eat cereal every morning thinking that it is good for you: There is a lot of result based research out there that tell you how bad wheat is for you. Check out The Wheat Belly, The Blood Sugar Solution, The 4 hour Body, In Defense of Food, amongst others. When you combine wheat with sugar, salt, fat and advertising, you get a whole bunch of people that think cereal such as Nutri-grain is good for you.The advertising does have a fine-print claim that says it is good for you “as part of a balanced diet with exercise”. Did you know: Nutri-grain is 31 per cent sugar in it?
  3. Don’t think that sports drinks and energy bars are good for you: Another brilliant effort by advertising and marketing campaigns make us believe that these products are good for us. Yes, you can drink a bottle of sports drink, but you’ll have to run at least half a marathon before you can offset the sugar that it contains. Energy bars and breakfast bars are no different. They have a fantastic amount of sugar, salt and fat that make it taste just about right. This is called the “bliss-point” pointed out by Michael Moss, author of “Salt Sugar Fat”.
  4. Read the ingredients section of the food label: While there is great knowledge in being able to read how much fat, sodium, protein and other things are present in a food product, it isn’t as revealing as the ingredient list. If you read the ingredient list and you cannot pronounce or you don’t recognise any ingredient, then you should put that back on the shelf. Look at point number 1 above.Don’t fall for the packaging that makes you see flavoured, low-fat, high in calcium, low in sugar, 99% fat free, all natural, no artificial flavours, no artificial colours, probiotic, and all the other made up terms. Read the ingredient list.
  5. Use herbs and spices to make fresh, healthy, quick and really tasty food at home: Jamie Oliver is king when it comes to giving you ideas of preparing quick and tasty food. Check out his 15-minute meals book. I have a suggestion for a quick 2 minute tip that will make you’re whole week’s food amazing. Add herbs and spices to your kitchen skills and your body and your taste buds will love you for it. Something as simple as cooking chicken with basil, olive oil, lemon juice, salt and pepper, will pimp out your meal big time.
  6. Consider not eating wheat for 3 weeks: This is the ideal time to try something different and see what happens. I have been off wheat for a little while now and I have no dip in energy. I eat everything else, chocolate included, and my energy remains constant through the whole day. Look at The Wheat Belly success stories or The Blood Sugar Solution success stories here and maybe that might motivate you to try it. Also, think about when was the last time you saw a gluten intolerant person that was overweight.
  7. Buy a food processor: You can get rid of the knife, chopping board, grater and the time it takes to prepare by just investing in a food processor. When you get your groceries from the store, just pull out your food processor and a bunch of ziplock bags. Slice onions, grate carrots, finely slice potatoes and put them in seperate airtight bags in the fridge. So, whenever you think, “Oh! I have got to cut onions for my curry, it will take too long and it’s boring”, you’ve already done the hard stuff. It’s like going to sleep in your running shorts and top. It makes you more likely to go for that morning run.

There a whole bunch of ideas to consider that make the motivated person put the good stuff into their bodies and the internet is full of them.

Do you have any ideas that will make you eat healthy in 2014? Share them below.

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