Bond Appetit Goa-doodle-do Pork Sorpotel

Goa Pork Sorpotel

My mother handed me this recipe back in 2010. And, even though my grand-mum made this dish more often and for a longer period of time, my mother’s adapted version is by far the best tasting for me. So, I took that recipe and adapted it a bit more. This recipe has come down from at least 3 generations and has been tweaked and adapted along the way.

This recipe is a bit tedious to make, but it is well worth every second spent behind the stove. This is a dish for celebration.

The recipe for the Racheado Paste can be found here.

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This recipe is for Ines. At Goa-doodle-do, Ines was our front of house operations manager. This was her favourite dish.


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