What is really in my cereal?

How much is your sugar intake?

I blame government policy and advertising for the way things have progressed when it comes to our eating habits. I blame government because they are allowing big companies to sell us “stuff” and label it as food. And, I blame advertising because it tells us everyday how that “stuff” is actually food and is good for us. Really??!!

How can you make an piece of advertising that targets mothers and tell them that sugar coated, frosty cornflakes is what your child needs? And if they don’t get it, then you are a bad parent. Anyway, there are a whole bunch of things that can be done to change that. Educating yourself on what to eat is one of them.

Also today, there is a brilliant article on sugar levels in our foods. Please read it, and let me know what you think. Also, I would love to know what you currently eat that you think is healthy.

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