227. The Real Value of Success with Mike Reid

If you’re an entrepreneur who knows there’s more to success than just money, then this week’s episode of the Bond Appetit podcast is for you. I have on the show a close friend of mine, Mike Reid. Mike is the co-founder of Dent Global and the director of the Key Person of Influence Programme, which has been recognised by the Huffington Post as the world’s leading personal brand accelerator. As regular listeners will know, Key Person of Influence has been instrumental in developing my business and who I am today, and so I’m thrilled to be bringing Mike to the show.

I talk to Mike about his passion for entrepreneurship, small business and developing people into the best they can be. He shares with me what he sees as true value, and why he doesn’t think of himself as a traditional entrepreneur.

Our chat dives deep into even more topics, such as:

  • My origin story and how the Key Person of Influence Programme helped me get to where I am today
  • When Mike started his entrepreneurial journey (it includes ice-cream)
  • How good mentors and structure help you to be better
  • What growing wealth means to Mike
  • The things that motivate people in a micro economy
  • How Mike tackles his anxiety and self-doubt
  • Why relying on others can help you recognise your own greatness
  • Why Mike’s superpower is to be completely at ease in front of a crowd
  • How shifting value to the customer is the best thing you can do



Mike Reid – Twitter
Mike Reid – LinkedIn
DENT Global
Key Person of Influence


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