33. How your belief system dictates how and what you eat with Nick Sutherland

33. How your belief system dictates how and what you eat with Nick Sutherland

33. How your belief system dictates how and what you eat with Nick Sutherland

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Nick Sutherland is the  founder of the State of Mind health and the creator of the Fundamentals Program. He is a psychotherapist specialising in behavioural change, and has spent thousands of hours studying hundreds of people learning how some achieve their goals and why others don’t. 

State of Mind is a company he founded 6 years ago and over that time he has researched, developed and refined the Fundamentals Program to become the missing link in sustainable weight loss. State of Mind specialises in helping women who have been on the weight loss roller coaster for years and are tired of failing but know there must be a better way. He is an expert in the mental health component of weight loss. He is a regular contributor to the Good Life magazine. 

In this episode we talk about:

  1. What the biggest obstacles for women to weight loss are?
  2. A few different scenarios and examples of real life case studies
  3. The belief system 
  4. How to free your mind to make the right decisions
  5. The Key Person of Influence program
  6. The easiest way to loose weight


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Last meal on the planet?

BACON – Fresh Seafood and a nice bottle of wine  


  • The magicians way book

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  1. Phill Tsingos

    Hi Ronsley, Just want to say this episode has helped changed a dear friends life for the better. They have a weight issue that now has damaged not only their health but marriage as well. After listening to you and Nick the Bond appetit podcast talking controlling your weight. I gave your advise and now my friend is seeking help. They live in remote Queensland so any help is very difficult to find. But your podcast has provided hope and a chance at a better life.
    Thanks heaps mate, keep the radio waves flowing
    Take Care

    1. Nick Sutherland

      Hi Phill, just wanted to thank you for leaving the feedback and more importantly, your compassion to help out a friend in need. Hopefully we can use technology to reach those in remote areas to give them as much support as the city folk.

      Yours sincerely,

      Nick Sutherland.

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