You'll never eat alone

Sharing food makes you superhuman

Growing up and “my spot” at the table

While I was growing up, one of the most annoying but now in hindsight inspiring habits that my family developed in us, was eating together at the table. Even today, we sit around a table and eat. We sit around a table so often, that we all have our very own spots. My dad always sits at the head of the table. To his left my mum sits and to his right I sit. This is no different to the rules that were at my grandparents house.

My grandfather sat at the head of the table, my grand-mum to his right and my dad to his left. Everyone else have their places, but these ones I remember clearly because, I would get up if I was in anyone of those places that did not belong to me. Even now, writing about it, brings a smile to face.

We now have research

In 2013, the University of California – Los Angeles, wrote a research paper titled “Variation in Associations between family dinners and Adolescent well-being“. This research looks deeply in to the relationship between parent and child and the effects that sitting around a table at family meals has on the child if this relationship is strong. They make known a range of positive outcomes from healthy body weight, better psychological well being, lower rates of depression, substance use and delinquency, and higher academic achievement.

First dates

For me in particular, I have noticed a substantial increase in satisfaction when I share a meal with someone. And, we do this so often. When we meet people for the first time, we use some sort of food or beverage to act as the social lubricant that makes the binding easier. And if you looked at the percentage of first dates that happen over coffee or dinner versus the rest, I’m sure that those numbers would reflect my point.

EatForTwo and Sharing the love

We unite people over food, and since 2012 we’ve been sharing meals with children and the less fortunate on a regular basis on the other side of the planet. So, if you are eating your meals in front of the television, then I would ask you to try switching the box off, and sitting at the table or the kitchen counter and pass the food around. Please.

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