You'll never eat alone

Sharing food makes you superhuman

Growing up and “my spot” at the table While I was growing up, one of the most annoying but now in hindsight inspiring habits that my family developed in us, was eating together at the table. Even today, we sit around a table and eat. We sit around a table so often, that we all have our very own spots. My …

So, why are you drinking milk

101 Food Myths on Dairy: 95 – 91

Following last week’s post on Food Myths, I decided to look into the world of diary. The main reason for this is because Rochelle, my wife, said to me a couple of days ago, “I need to drink more milk?“. So I asked her why she decided to mention that to me, considering that there was no relation to the …

sugar cubes

The only sugar resources you’ll ever need

I decided that this week I would write an article each on salt and sugar. They are probably the two most common enemies (along with fat) when we talk about health and diets. So I would like you to answer these two questions: Is sugar bad for you? How much sugar are you ingesting per day? “But I don’t have …

Healthy Options feed the superhuman

Healthy Eating – 14 Tips and How-tos

I think there is a common misconception about what is healthy and what isn’t. I believe that with the amount of information that is out there, it is hard to put one’s finger on “the right” way. Or, “the right” diet. So, how do you know what works, with the internet throwing information at us left, right and centre? You …

Trust the chef

Is “good body shape” = “healthy”?

So, while obesity and not worrying about what goes into your body is a concern; we as a society are quickly developing a growing community that believe the extreme opposite is the way forward. It is almost like we have declared war on obesity and our way of “fighting” obesity is to do the exact opposite. The idea that consuming …

What is really in my cereal?

How much is your sugar intake?

I blame government policy and advertising for the way things have progressed when it comes to our eating habits. I blame government because they are allowing big companies to sell us “stuff” and label it as food. And, I blame advertising because it tells us everyday how that “stuff” is actually food and is good for us. Really??!! How can …

feed the superhuman

Bride: Did you know?

Did you know that the word BRIDE is derived from an old english meaning of the word “COOK“? I found this quite amusing. Also, the word “groom” means “male child”. Yes, men are always children.   Do you know of any other words that have amusing meanings?