140. Morning routines, work-life balance and Laurence Tham of the Wellness Couch

140. Morning Routines, Work-Life Balance and Laurence Tham of the Wellness Couch

Dr. Laurence Tham is an international Wellness Expert and Speaker. His passion and focus is on the psychology of human behaviour and motivation when it comes to health and wellness. He believes in the “lead by example” approach as the solution to creating greater health and wellness for our kids and our future generation. He is the co-founder of ‘The …

130. The entreprenurial spirit, sharing food and betting on generation-Y with Mayor Paul Pisasale

130. The Entreprenurial Spirit, Sharing Food and Betting on Generation-Y with Mayor Paul Pisasale

Mayor Paul Pisasale was chosen to Council in March 1991, chose Deputy Mayor from April 2000 and has been Mayor of the City of Ipswich since March 2004 and is right now serving his third term with an astonishing 88% of the essential vote. Paul’s devotion to the City of Ipswich, and additionally his drive and excitement, are extremely obvious to …

126. Creating multiple businesses, the advatages of podcasting & how to eat like a surfer with Dan Norris

126. Creating Multiple Businesses, the Advantages of Podcasting & Eating Better with Dan Norris

Dan Norris is a passionate entrepreneur with an obsession for content marketing. His content has been described by Joe Pulizzi, the content marketing godfather himself, as “must read”. Dan was voted Australia’s top small business blogger by Australia’s largest business magazine, Smarter Business Ideas in 2013. Dan is the co-founder in WP Curve, one of the world’s fastest growing WordPress …

106. How to perform at your peak, the 2004 Tsunami revelation and your gratitude journals with Dr. David Dugan

106. How to Perform at Your Peak, the 2004 Tsunami Revelation and Your Gratitude Journals with Dr. David Dugan

David Dugan is the business Elite500 Mastermind, where he uses his unique educational, professional and personal experiences to be one of the best business coaches. What fuels his passion to help other entrepreneurs his is deep love for helping other people to achieve their ultimate success. David served in the Australian Navy for 18 years and retired as a Commander. …

102. The new Health Star Rating System, Food Additives and Isagenix Ingredients with Katherine Maslen

102. The new Health Star Rating System, Food Additives and Isagenix Ingredients with Katherine Maslen

Katherine Maslen is a Brisbane based naturopath and nutritionist, the author of “Get Well Stay Well” and the founder of Brisbane Natural Health. Katherine is one of Australia’s leading naturopaths and has treated over 2,500 people. She treats everything from women’s health, fertility issues, autoimmune disease, to chronic illnesses. Heir aim is to convey well-being data to you in a …

99. Soapboxisode - A reaction to Chef Pete Evans baby book being pulled with Dr. Leandra Brady-Walker

99. Soapboxisode – a Reaction to Chef Pete Evans Baby Book Being Pulled with Dr. Leandra Brady-Walker

I had to just keep quiet and listen … this is a soapboxisode by Dr. Leandra Brady-Walker which started because she just read this article about Chef Pete Evans’ book being pulled. You have to listen to this episode.   Where to find Leandra Leandra’s website – The Cosmopolitan Hippy Facebook Cosmopolitan Hippy Instagram Cosmopolitan Hippy 

94. How to Time Style your way to making more time to cook your own food with Kate Christie

94. How to Time Style Your Way to Making More Time to Cook Your Own Food with Kate Christie

Kate Christie is the Founder and Managing Director of Time Stylers that specialises in working with professional women who struggle juggling their career and family responsibilities. Kate has background as a Lawyer and Senior Executive in Corporate Australia and with a high flying successful career in a senior executive role and having three children within 3 and a half years, …

91. Nut Butters, Kitchen Paper, Indian Food and escaping the mundane with Mary Loudermilk

91. Nut Butters, Kitchen Paper, Indian Food and Escaping the Mundane with Mary Loudermilk

Mary Loudermilk is a native Oregonian, currently living in Bali with her husband, Derek. After graduating from CU Boulder with a BA in International Affairs, she moved to Bozeman, MT and started her food blog “The Kitchen Paper.” The Kitchen Paper is full of recipes focusing on accessible, “real” food with bold, pleasing flavours. When she isn’t working on books …

90. The ingredients in Isagenix & Shakeology, and how to utilise the five life forces with Darin Olien

90. Live the SuperLife, the Ingredients in Isagenix & Shakeology, and How to Utilise the Five Life Forces with Darin Olien

Darin Olien, author of the book SuperLife: The 5 Forces That Will Make You Healthy, Fit, and Eternally Awesome, and visionary of SuperLife, is frequently called “the Indiana Jones of superfoods.” He is a widely recognized exotic superfoods hunter, supplement formulator, and and natural extremist who ventures to every part of the planet discovering new and underutilized medicinal plants with the missions …