231. The Power of the Mind and Flipping Your Perspective with Tofe Evans

There are some people that just get your mind racing with possibilities, and on this week’s episode of Bond Appetit, I talk with one of them – Tofe Evans. This guy has plenty of strings to his bow – he’s raised a stack of money for over 10 charities; he’s run a 60 km marathon down the side of Mount Everest; and he’s also a nominee for the 2017 Australian of the Year and Queenslander of the Year. Tofe is also the author of the book, Everyone Has a Plan Until Shit Hits the Fan: How Not to Be the Bitch of Your Own Brain.

This episode takes me and Tofe through a huge range of topics. We talk about the issues you face when comparing yourself to others, focusing on world around you, the darker aspects of life and mindset and how he overcame it all to be where he is today.

We get into all of the above, and we delve into these great topics too:

  • How he came to be known as ‘Tofe’
  • Why Tofe aims to change one person’s life
  • How focusing on others is a powerful motivator
  • How adversity can be your best friend
  • Why learning how to control mindset is so important
  • How you can learn to embrace fear
  • The reason finding what works for you is the path to success
  • Tofe’s next big marathon – 340 km across Scotland
  • Why the thoughts in your mind can crush you
  • How to find the way to release the pressure you put on yourself



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