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Vege Garden

How to grow your own food, live healthy and make your meals taste awesome. Well, this is something I’ve always wanted. I always wanted my own vege garden, and who knew that once I got married, my wife would help make one of my dreams come true.

From scratch about a month ago, she kept a few seeds of the pumpkins (check the picture of a pumpkin plant grown from the seed), rock melon, tomatoes, capsicums, mint, potatoes, garlic, onions, spring onions, grapes, avocados we got from the grocery store on our weekly shopping run. Well, there is lots more information on this and I guess there will be a lot of updates over time. But, long story short, yesterday we replanted all those seeds and a few plants we got from the local nursery and they look awesome.

To, get your interest going, here is an article that best depicts yesterday –

For future updates and follow-up posts click on this link – Grow your own food, or find the “Vege Garden” tag within the website.

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